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          Dihydrogenated tallow amine, Armeen 2HP,

            Post Date: Jun 10,2023
            Expiry Date: Sep 08,2023
            Detailed Description: Cas No. :61789-79-5 Specs:content: 93%

            Application: To produce fertilizer anti-caking agent, nonic surfatants,flotation collertor, thickner,phytohydroxylamine antioxidant,daily chemical personal care, textile, demulsifier, dye, pigment, antistatic agent, emulsifier, wetting agent, dispersant, etc., can be used in agricultural chemicals, fungicides,fertilizer,flotation, dyes and pigments,paper additive industry..Packaging:160kg/drum,25kg/bag

            CAS Registry Number:


            Synonyms: ;Dihydrogenated tallow amine;Di(hydrogenated tallowalkyl) amines;SA HT;Bis-(tallowalkylamine), hydrogenated;Dihydrogenated tallowamine;DiHydrogenate Tallow Amine;

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